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I very much hope that things will go faster and that as many of the lawsuits as possible will follow. The more complainants, the greater the chances Donation Receipt Template of a settlement. In addition, interest for the plaintiffs – in the current low-interest phase quite attractive, namely five percent above the base rate after lawsuits. In the US, there is often talk of a lawsuit industry.

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Actually, as a plaintiff attorney, you deserve to be particularly good at the pattern-finding suit.No. The fees of around 6000 to 7000 Euro per case do not even cover our costs. In the US, it is about much higher sums and lawyers are not remunerated according to the scale of fees, but a percentage of the assessed sum involved. For a long time was no longer politics as exciting as

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now. The choices are: past and future. The population obviously has a better sense of this than most political professionals: the people no longer split into left or right, in Christian or socialist, but more clearly than ever in progressive or reactionary. The key political question of the present is: Do we finally want to tackle the increasingly emerging challenges of the future or

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not? The AfD stands for a clear no. The Greens for a clear yes. And all the others for a cranked-man-would-maybe-have-to-think about.The last elections in Bavaria and Hesse show it very clearly: Have lost all the parties who are not between holding on to the past and the departure

Printable Church Donation Receipt Template Letter

into the future want to decide. CDU, CSU and SPD have tangled themselves in the last few years in contradictions, on the one hand vollhaftig of the alleged century projects of the future joked, but on the other hand not the courage to take appropriate measures. True to the motto: the future is important, but not now! Nowhere is this as clear as in energy and climate policy.

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The topic of climate protection, which has been on the international agenda since the Rio conference in 1990, was almost willfully neglected. Angela Merkel, celebrated as “Climate Chancellor”, was only seriously involved in the cause as Minister of the Environment and at the beginning of her chancellorship. The record of their climate protection policy is more than mau: Germany’s emissions do not fall, they rise. The share of the most polluting energy source in

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Germany, brown coal, is higher than ever. Renewable energies are being slowed down. There is no sustainable transport policy that focuses on traffic avoidance, relocation and electrification, as well as environmental, climate and health protection. Even the years of scandalous diesel fraud, for the hitherto renowned large corporations international The German government has

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not rolled up its sleeves. On the contrary. Germany is from the pioneer to the latecomer A bit of climate protection, a bit of promotion of e-mobility, a bit of CO2 limits. Such halfheartedness leads to nothing, at most to political disenchantment.

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Even the self-imposed goals are missed. Thus, Germany, once a technology and climate champion, is not only leaving the top league for the solar and wind industry, but even Donation Receipt Template in its strongest (auto) mobility discipline. Germany is becoming a laggard from the pioneer.

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